Maintenance / Service Agreements

Many insurers insist that an intruder alarm is maintained annually by an accredited company. As an SSAIB accredited company Green Security offers maintenance contracts for ANY intruder alarm system. As Green Security is fully approved by insurers and the police we provide a professional and reliable service satisfying the requirements of insurers.

Green Security provides maintenance contracts for ANY system both installed by Green Security and by others as shown below:

Maintenance contracts include an annual visit to check the alarm system is in full working order, changing any batteries where necessary, full 24 hour support and call out service 365 days a year, also parts and labour costs. 

If you have an intruder alarm installed by anyone other than Green Security we offer exactly the same maintenance contract as described above but any parts required will be chargeable. 

All maintenance contracts are offered at competitive prices, please contact us for more information.

Technology you can trust

Green Security only fit alarm systems that are of the correct security grade for the job, only the best is good enough when you’re securing what matters most to you

24 Hour Support

Green Security offers a 24 hour call out service 365 days a year for any emergency faults or problems, responding within a maximum of 4 hours to any emergency condition

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems are now the preferred method for many home owners as these systems can be installed in your property with absolutely no mess or disruption

For a free, no obligation, quote just give us a call on 01629 56255, send us an email or visit our contacts page and send us a message and we’ll call you back

Smart and Secure

Specialising in quality wireless intruder alarms Green Security prides its self in providing a clean, tidy and unobtrusive installation of every system. Wireless technology now enables us to install a full system with very little disturbance, with no need to raise carpets or floorboards wireless alarms are proving to be the favoured option for many customers.

Our systems are able to communicate and notify in many different ways but the most popular current method for the domestic installation is the use of a mobile phone App, using the App enables you to access the following features where ever you are in the world at any time:

  • Set / unset the system 
  • Check the status of all your detectors 
  • Read the log of the system 
  • Control outputs (enabling control of an electric garage door for example)
  • Notifications following an alarm activation
  • Notifications following other events   

Meaning you have piece of mind at all times that your property is secure.  

Green Security also offers police monitored systems designed and installed to your requirements.


More than just an alarm - it's peace of mind

Certified Installers
Always on security
Security in your hands
Around the clock support

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